Frequently Asked Questions

To play Bingo Drive, either download the App from Appstore/Google Play or play through or Facebook ( When you open Bingo Drive for the first time, there will be a walk-through on how to play the game. 

You can receive more Bingo Credits and Coins by purchasing them or requesting them from your buddies. To get more Power-ups, you can use your Coins or make a purchase. You will also gain Bingo Credits by completing Quests, Achievements, and more.

To add someone as a Buddy, you need to meet them in a Room. While in the Room together you can find them on the Players list and add them. You do this by clicking the green “+” next to their username. You can remove and block Buddies by clicking on the inbox.

You can view pending Buddy requests at the bottom of your inbox. From here you can choose if you would like to accept, block, or decline. 

Open your inbox and click on the Facebook “Invite” button in the bottom right corner. This will take you to Facebook where you can search your friend’s names and invite them to play. Please note, follow the step-by-step Facebook invite in order for our system to recognize your Facebook Friends.

To Trade Collectables, open your Passport and click on the Puzzle Piece tab. From here you can choose the Collection you would like to trade a Collectable from. Pick the Buddy you would like to trade the Collectable with and press the send button. 

You can Trade Up your Collectables if you have at least 4 of one Collectable. Trade-Up will Trade any spare Collectable for another Collectable to obtain the next Collectable in numerical order. 

Trade All will perform Trade Ups for you instead of clicking-through each card. You can also request Puzzle Pieces and Collectables from your Buddies/Friends. Please note that the Trade-Up will be completed in numerical order so make sure that you have enough Spares.

When entering a Room, you can use Coins to enable Auto-Daub which will automatically daub your cards instead of clicking each number as they are being called out. You can activate and deactivate Auto-Daub as many times as you wish throughout the game.

In your Currency wallet at the top of your screen, you can view the different types of Power-ups. By hovering over each Power-up with your mouse, you will see an explanation of how to use each one. 

The Lightning Bolts displayed at the top of the game are the Power-ups. You can find the explanation for each power-up in the Currency wallet. 

No, Bingo Drive is a free to play Game with no monetary rewards

As Bingo Drive is played through Facebook, your profile picture will automatically sync with the picture you use there. If you would like to change your profile picture, you will need to change your Facebook profile photo. If you would like to have an avatar as your picture, you can do this by going to your Passport, clicking on your photo and selecting one from the menu. 

You can change your Dauber by going to your Passport. By clicking on the red circle on the bottom right, you can personalize your Dauber with colors and patterns. 

Currently, Bingo Drive is only available in English.

Houses are basic Power-ups that can contain rewards such as Coins, Bingo Credits, Carbucks, Collectables, and Power-ups. Houses will be displayed behind a number on a Card. When you Daub a number that has a House behind it, you will win the respected rewards!

High Roller Rooms can be found throughout specific Tours and will be the hardest game but with the biggest payouts. You can recognize them as they will have a Gold Postcard which will say “High Roller”.

There are many ways to use Coins throughout the game. You can use them to play Slots, purchase the Auto-Daub, Customize your Dauber, and much more. Coins can also be used to purchase more Power-ups and in some special Rooms such as Golden Adventures which uses Coins to play rather than Bingo Credits.

Rooms will continue to stay locked until you play more and Level up through the game. Some Rooms may also be locked if they are unavailable or under construction.

If you have no sound when Bingoing, go to the Settings tab on the top right corner and click the Music and Sound Effects (SFX) buttons. If they have a green tick, this means they are switched on.

The Bingo Master Tournament is a Live Dynamic feature that includes an Hourly, Weekly & All-Time Tournament which is displayed as a Leaderboard for the players. You can enter the Hourly Tournament by winning bingos. From the Bingo Master, you can win Bingo Points (pink badge) and Trophies.

To view another player’s Collection, open their Passport and click on the Puzzle Piece icon where you can view everything they have collected. Please note that some players may have their accounts set to private so you will be unable to view their Collections.

There are 4 different types of Chests: Classic (brown), Rare (Blue), Epic (Purple) & Legendary (Pink). The Chests will be seen on the Cards and you are most likely to get a Chest if you play with 4 or more cards. When calling Bingo on a card that contains a Chest, you will win Prizes and even Spookies which can be found in the Legendary or Epic Chests. 

You can receive exclusive Spookies in Legendary or Epic chests.

Daily Bingo credits will increase as you Level up and get a higher Ranking, as well as complete specific Rooms and Collections. 

The Ace allows you to collect a specific Puzzle Piece/Item that you need in order to complete your collection without having to Trade. 

Burst Points can be found within specific Rooms such as Skate Date. To burst the themed item on the Card, you have to Daub two numbers adjacent to the item. Once you Daub these numbers, the item will burst and you will collect rewards.

A Guest Player is someone who is playing via a mobile device and hasn’t connected their account to Facebook. Their username may appear as “GUEST657833498120921”. As long as the account is not on Private, you can still view their information by clicking on their Passport. 

Bingo Drive has a wide variety of Rooms to choose from and can have different patterns or Mini Games within the Bingo. The Seasonal rooms such as O’Peli’s Pub where you have to fill the Bar in order to enter the “Lucky Forest” or Skate Date where you have to collect Bows and Arrows. 

Some Rooms limit which Power-ups you can use. For example, the Seasonal Rooms such as Skate Date will limit Power-ups such as the Shuffler. Bingo Drive will tell you to “Buy More” Power-ups if you don’t have enough Power-ups to play a specific room, you have run out of Power-ups or due to connectivity issues. You can check how many Power-ups you have by going to your Currency Wallet.


Bingo Drive offers special Rounds where if you play, you will get a Double Payout. This means that when playing this Round, it will double the amount of Bingo Credits and Coins earned. Double Payouts will have a Countdown Timer telling you how long you have left to play the game, once the Timer runs out, you can no longer play the Double Payout round.

The Lightning Bolt is a Unique Power-up. Your Power-up Bar will take 2 Daubs to Charge and will cool down twice as fast giving you a better chance of calling Bingo.

You can Level-up quicker by earning more Experience Points, when playing in Rooms such as Niagara Falls that do not have the Card Booster, it will be harder to reach the next Level. Try playing in Seasonal Rooms such as Mardi March or Shamrock On to Level-up.  


There are different platforms to collect Freebies from. These include Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. We are aware of an issue where Freebies do not always work. If you have Ad-blockers or extensions in place on your browser it may not allow you to collect Freebies. You can also try copying & pasting the Freebie link into different browsers to see if you can collect them. 

If you are experiencing issues with internet connectivity, we would suggest clearing your cache and making sure you are playing on the most up-to-date version of Bingo Drive. To clear your cache when playing on your mobile, follow these steps:

  1. Click the ‘Applications/Apps’ button
  2. Find the Bingo Drive application.
  3. Select ‘Storage’
  4. Press ‘Clear Cache’

To Clear your Cache for iPhone:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Scroll down to Safari
  3. Find Clear History and Website Data
  4. Click to confirm

To clear your cache when playing on the web, follow this link:

Clear the browser cache – instructions for mac and pc

You can access the Wheel of Fortune in any Room throughout Bingo Drive. You can play while waiting for a Round or when you are in a game of Bingo itself. Wheel of Fortune can be found in the bottom right-hand corner and will look like the picture below. You can choose between High Stake and Low Stake spins which alter the amount you can Win.  

Some Daubers sign up to Bingo Drive on their mobile devices without connecting to Facebook. This means they will appear as “GUEST1235567449876532” and not a username. 

Bingo Drive will get harder to play as you Level up and complete more Rooms. This is to keep the game challenging and more competitive.

Please contact Bingo Drive Support through the Settings tab or send an email to with your Transaction ID and purchase details. 

To change your Flag, click on your Passport in the top left corner and click on the current Flag that’s on your Profile Picture. This will open up the options of Flags to choose from where you can select which one you would like. 

Disconnects can happen due to multiple reasons. This can include internet connectivity issues (Please see FAQ 34 on how to fix this) or can be an issue from our end. If the issue persists and causes you to lose Bingo Credits, Coins, Collectibles, or Chests, please contact Bingo Drive Support. 

When Leveling Up, sometimes Chests will be deposited automatically even if you do not see the visual. If you are in doubt that you did not receive your Chest, please contact Bingo Drive Support and we can check for you. 

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