How To Play Bingo Drive

This is Bingo Drive Lobby


World Tour – A Bingo geographical Tour through South America, North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa. By completing these Rooms you will Level-up and win more Bingo Credits, Coins, and Power-ups. Rooms will unlock as you progress through the Tour. 

Special Rooms – Explore new and exciting Rooms that are opened each week! Experience unique Bingo patterns and interactive themes!

When you click on the ‘Play’ button, you will start your Bingo journey! You can enhance your cards with a Card Booster to increase your rewards. After that, you will need to select the number of cards you would like to play with.

Settings – The Settings Tab allows a Player to change their Game Settings. Other game preferences can also be edited in this Tab. Within the Settings Tab you can contact our Support Team.

Inbox – Daily Gifts from your Buddies and Traded Items appear in your Inbox.

Gift Center – In the Gifts Tab of your Inbox, you can send Coins, Bingo Credits, and Power-Ups to your Buddies

This Is Bingo Drive Lobby

Buddies – To add someone as a Buddy, you need to meet them in a Room. While in the Room together you can find them on the Players list and add them. You do this by clicking the green “+” next to their Nickname.

Daily Calendar – Claim your Calendar Rewards once daily. Log in every day consecutively to increase your Rewards each day

Daily Rewards – Log in every day to claim your free Daily Bingo Credits, Daily Coins, and Daily Spin! Increase your Daily Bingo Credits and Daily Coins by Leveling Up and increasing your VIP Status.

Daily Spin – You receive one free Daily Spin to collect Bingo Credits & Coins. After this, you can purchase a Golden Spin.

Quests – Participate in Quests to win more Rewards.

Bingo Master Tournament – Compete in Hourly and Daily Live Tournaments by Calling Bingos and winning points to climb the Leaderboard.

Coins – Use your Coins to purchase Chests, Power-Ups, a unique Dauber, and Auto-Daub within your Rounds. Use your Coins to play Rounds in the Golden Adventures Tour

Bingo Credits – Bingo Credits are used everywhere throughout the game especially to play Rooms/Wheel of Fortune. These can be collected by winning Bingos, completing Rooms, and finishing Tiers. You can also collect Bingo Credits by requesting them from your Buddies or purchasing them. 

Power-ups – Use Power-Ups to enhance your Rounds and increase your chances of Calling a Bingo.


There are 3 Levels of Power-Ups: Basic, Advanced, and Unique:


Basic – 

  • Free Daub daubs one square on each of your Cards

  • Coins adds Coins to your Cards

  • House adds Houses to your Cards

  • Bingo Credits adds Bingo Credits to your Cards

Advanced – 

  • Double Payout doubles the amount of Coins and Bingo Credits earned in the Round

  • Double Daub daubs two squares on each of your Cards

  • Double XP doubles the amount of Experience Points earned in the Round 

  • Shuffler shuffles around a Card of your choice

Unique – 

  • Joker daubs any square of your choice

  • Nitro speeds up your Power-Up Bar

  • Instant Bingo places a special Star on your Card. Daubing this Star will instantly Call a Bingo


Auto Daub – Use Coins to buy Auto Daub, which will automatically daub the numbers called on your Cards

Daub Alert – Daub Alert will light up the numbers on your card as they are called. It is still required to daub the number once its called. Daub Alert can be purchased in the Shop.

Note: once it is active the Daub Alert will remain active until the time of expiration.

Car Shop/Garage – Customize your unique ride in the Garage with Car Bucks won throughout the game.

Player Profile -In your profile, you can view or change your profile picture, along with accessing your Achievements, Badges, and Collections. A players privacy setting can also be changed in their profile

Level and Rank – You can see your Player Progression within your Profile showing you your current Level and Rank. As you play more games and unlock more Rooms, your Level will increase.

Collections – Win Collectibles and Puzzle Pieces in your Rounds. Complete Collections to win Rewards and progress to the next Tier

Trade-Up/Trade All – To Trade-Up a Collectible or Puzzle Piece simply click the Collectible or Puzzle Piece you want to Trade-Up and then click the “Trade-Up” button. Please note, to Trade-Up you must have at least 4 of the same type of the Collectible. 3 of these Collectibles will be used in order to make the Trade. For Collectibles, you can use the little arrows in-between the relevant Collectibles to perform a Trade-Up. There’s also the Trade All feature that performs all available Trade-Ups for you, instead of you having to Trade each Collectible up to the next.

BD Albums – BD Albums is an endless Collection of Cards for you to Collect! You can find them in Chests which you can win simply by playing Bingo!.

You can also purchase Chests in the Shop using Coins, win them in your Rounds, convert your Spare Cards into Chests, and don’t forget to Claim your free Mystery Chest every hour for a LIMITED TIME!

Every time you complete a Set, you will be granted a Reward, along with a Mega Token. Mega Tokens can be accumulated and may grant you a Mega Reward!

Tours – Check out the awesome Rooms available within Bingo Drive, including Seasonal Events, the World Tour, our Sagas, and many more.

World Tour – A Bingo geographical Tour through South America, North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa. By completing these Rooms you will Level-up and win more Bingo Credits, Coins, and Power-ups. Rooms will stay locked until you complete more. 

Lucky Numbers – Feeling Lucky? Select Rooms will offer Players the chance to choose their Lucky Numbers, giving them a boost at the start of the Round

Pre Game Power-up Shop – Select Rooms will offer Players the chance to choose extra Power-Ups to give them a boost in the Round

Chests – Each Chest holds a random assortment of Cards for the BD Albums. There are 5 Levels of Cards: Classic, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Mythical. The higher the ranking of the Chest, the higher the rank of the Cards that can be won inside

Wheel of Fortune – The Wheels-of-Fortune can be found on the bottom right-hand side of any Room. Spin to win Rewards!

Please know that the Low Spins can be found on the Gray Wheel and the High Spins can be found on the Purple Wheel. 

It is important to note that Auto-Spin is enabled by holding down the Spin button. Click the button for a second time to disable the Auto-Spin

Chat – Chat with your Buddies in the Room.


Play with friends  Privately message your Buddies by heading to your Buddy List. Here you can view which Buddies are online, along with where they are currently playing.

Card Booster – The Card Booster allows the Player to set the stakes! By boosting your Cards you can receive up to 4 Shadow Cards per Round. Boost your Cards for greater Rewards, including more bonuses and higher ranking Chests! 

There are 5 Levels of Card Boosters: Classic, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Mythical. The higher the Card Booster, the higher the Payouts! Increase your chances of winning.

Achievements – Complete Achievements as you progress and play Bingo

Slots – Check out the Slots found in the Room Lobby. Once you purchase Cards, players can choose to bet either Coins or Bingo Credits for a Spin. The higher the bet, the greater the Rewards!

Click the “i” symbol to open the Pay Table to see how much you can win!

Ace – Aces can be used in any Seasonal or Saga Room in order to gain any Collectible of your choice! Your Aces can be found within your Passport, in the Collections tab.

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